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Malcolm Singleton Photography

'Modern Photography with a hint of Tradition'

What is Lifestyle Photography ?

Lifestyle Photography is a modern approach to taking pictures of you and your families and is all about capturing you and your children looking relaxed and beautiful, having fun and feeling good. On a beach, by a lake or river, in a wood' playing in a park or walking around your town or city - the choice is yours.

Malcolm and Sarah specialise in creating for you photographs to treasure and images that are relaxed and a true modern reflection of you and your family.

Our Lifestyle Photography offers you a new and innovative approach to portraiture, doing the things they love to do and interacting with you in a loving and carefree way.

   Lifestyle Photoshoot 

Natural photographs of you and your family, in both black & white and

colour, created on location, in your own surroundings or at an nearby

scenic location.

The very nature of an outdoor photo session requires a little flexibility as the weather can of course dictate at certain times of the year.

Vouchers are available for if you would like to treat someone to this special and unique experience.